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Unique Approach to Training

May 17th, 2011 2 comments

My current training plan due to my ongoing issues with plantar faciitis is less a plan than it is a lack of any plan. To update the PF issue: I seem to be able to minimize the pain through most of the day by stretching and using shoes with some arch support, it still hurts in the morning though but I think that will eventually go away. I am back to running full time, however, with the limitations that I not do any speedwork and I don’t do any long runs. This satisfies my need to run and workout, but doesn’t help me get any faster.

Since I do still want to make a semi-reasonable showing at the Bolder Boulder this year I decided that more time on the bike was the solution. My bike rides are usually not training rides, but commute rides. I am fortunate (unfortunate), that I live 14 miles from my work, and 600 feet higher in altitude, so the usual bike commute involves a fairly long uphill ride home at night. With the winds we have been having in Colorado lately this has become even more of a challenge.

I have decided to refer to my training plan as the “War of Attrition” plan. Most days my training looks like this: easy 50 minute ride to work, 6-8 mile run at lunchtime, pushups, all followed up by a 50-60 minute ride home uphill into a headwind. Usually my rides to work are quite pleasant, with just enough effort to have me feeling kind of spent by the time the run rolls around. The run is then performed on dead legs, my speed limited purely by the fact that I can’t go any faster. Then the ride home is a pain/slog fest in which I try to extract every last bit of energy that I have left. Most days I make it home. On some days I can actually climb the stairs to bed without feeling like I’m going to pass out. Those are the good days.

My feeling is that anything I do to totally deplete my muscles (as long as I throw in some rest/recovery days) is going to benefit me somehow in the long run. I am also benefitting by learning the limitations of my own body. Frequently I find myself at what I perceive to be the end of my reserves, and then I find I can continue despite the fatigue! The challenge is that I am finding it difficult getting enough to eat during the day. I try to have some form of protein/carbs after every workout, eating several small meals throughout the day.

I never know what will happen with my training experiments, but it’s fun to see how my body adapts to the different things I throw at it. The unique experience with this scheme is that while my muscles are constantly tired, they are almost never sore. I feel like this means I am working on their endurance rather than adding mass. The one and only test will come at the Bolder Boulder. As I don’t run with a watch anymore I have no idea how fast my training paces actually are, only their effort level. If I can hold it together enough to go under 40 in Boulder I will be happy, beating last year’s 38:43 will have to wait until next year.