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Breaking Equilibrium

February 15th, 2011 No comments

Yesterday I attempted a new workout on the bike trainer. Most of my workouts arise from some desire to keep things interesting for the hour that I’m on the bike. My goal for this workout was to ride a tempo style pace (hard but sustainable) but keep breaking up the equilibrium. I find that when I start out in a higher gear at first I don’t think I can keep up the pace for very long, but then my body settles in to the new effort and I can continue. I wanted to see how much of this was possible during the course of a ride.

I started out with a long warmup and then dropped it into a more challenging gear to start the workout. I would ride each gear for about 10 minutes, and then when I was starting to get used to the effort, drop to the next gear.  By the time I was done with the workout I was in the highest gear, and I was able to sustain it, although it was tough.

I think this was a great workout. First of all, I would not have been able to ride the whole workout in top gear, but it was harder than I would have attempted without the gradual build up. Second, the workout finished with the most difficult effort, another important quality. The big success was the fact that each portion of the workout was easily broken into manageable 10 minute segments.  For me that is mentally easier to achieve than thinking about riding for an hour.

I’m always looking for new ideas, so if you have any workouts you like using post them here. Feel free to try this one out too, you could even do it on a stationary bike at the gym!

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